About Us

loving touch medical transportationLoving Touch transportation was formed in 2007. Our goal was to create a company that could service the growing senior population with a special brand of service we call “Loving Touch”. Our wheelchair van service is known for its prompt courteous service, our ability to accommodate a wide range of client request, and most of all we are known for our drivers. We call them transportation companions. This group of individuals caters to our customer’s needs. If you need and extra blanket, they will provide one. If you are too hot or cold, or prefer a particular radio station they will do everything they can to accommodate you and ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and pleasant ride.

Our Credentials

  • Loving Touch Transportation is a registered sub-chapter “S” corporation within the State of Michigan.
  • Awarded Limousine Certificate of Authority by the State of Michigan.
  • Vehicle and passenger liability insurance coverage with liability limits of 1 million dollars is carried on each vehicle in our fleet.
  • Member Macomb Healthcare Providers Group.
  • Member Professional Providers in Healthcare.
  • Advisory Board for MORC.

Copies of the above credentials are available upon request

What Sets Us Apart

All Loving Touch Transportation employees strive to exceed your expectations and look forward to accommodating your needs.
Our Quality Control measures reach much farther by utilizing the following techniques:

  • Comprehensive Training
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Random Drug Screens
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Driver Credentialing And Monitoring
  • All Drivers speak English
  • GPS Tracking
  • The best drivers in the business
  • A customer first office

Mission Statement


Loving Touch Transportation
exists to benefit those in need of specialized transportation. The basic purpose of our company is to meet and exceed the expectations of clients by providing kind, courteous and timely service while offering economical pricing. We bring a superior attitude and a brand of service we call “Loving Touch” which brings clients back again and again. By providing service at this level we believe our company will continue to thrive and expand as we continue to spread our brand of service.

HIPAA Compliance

All Loving Touch Transportation policies and procedures are in line with HIPAA guidelines. In addition, our team receives training to ensure full compliance. Privacy and security of all passenger and facility data is protected by a secure firewall and is fully encrypted


Our software systems employ numerous technical advances and techniques, such as:

  • Identification of Special Needs
  • Determination of the Appropriate Form of transport
  • Maintenance of Rider’s Trip History
  • Record keeping systems provide accurate, real- time information
  • Comprehensive Complaint Resolution
  • GPS Tracking in all Vans
  • Updated network

Data Entry Efficiency Means Short Call Times

Our system is designed to maximize data entry efficiency through features that allow expedited booking screens and use of tables that eliminate the need to type recurrent information. Passengers are tied to their perspective facility, allowing for a quick glance to confirm eligibility for transportation services. In addition, the passengers transport history is stored in the system and imported into each new trip to decrease processing time.